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Harvey Dent in Dark Knight

BatmanBegins_Poster.jpgIt has been confirmed that Harvey Dent will appear in the Batman Begins sequel The Dark Knight. However, nothing has been said about his alter ego, Two Face.

Here's what the director Christopher Nolan said in a Q&A after a Prestige screening to UK IGN:

It's a pretty direct continuation of where the last film left off, and the last scene of Batman Begins suggests a strong direction we wanted to take the story in...

...When we asked if District Attorney Harvey Dent – a.k.a. Batman's future nemesis Two-Face – would indeed be in the film, Nolan replied, "I don't want to go into too many specifics. Yes, he is."

They pressed on casting, whether it would be Australian or British, and nothing was said. So read that carefully - Harvey Dent is confirmed, it doesn't specifically say that they asked "Two Face", and looking at the grammar of writing it does suggest they asked only about Harvey Dent. So will we see Two Face in the film, and who is going to play him?



From the looks of it, they are taking lots of care in the continuity of the franchise. The development of characters will be consistent through all the movies, bringing a sense of unity, and that´s good. That development is what made Spiderman franchise what it is now.

Peter says, "That development is what made Spiderman franchise what it is now."

And that is...?

That is: the best superhero franchise ever made.

Nuff said!



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