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Help Filmstalker with testing

Hi everyone.

Once again I'm asking for people to test out some new features. If you can spend some time playing with new web type things and giving feedback, then this is for you. If you can't, no problem, but the help would be appreciated.

There are a few things being tested, some will get through to those who agree to help out, and if they like them then they'll go onto the live site.

Appreciate the help, and I really do appreciate all those that are continuing to visit. Hope that you're enjoying the site and do give feedback to feedback [at] filmstalker.co.uk (obviously substituting the [at] for that symbol).

If you want to help out with testing, and I'm sure the usuals will do, then drop me an email at filmstalker [at] filmstalker.co.uk.

Many thanks.



No animals have been mistreated whilst testing at Filmstalker. :D


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