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Henriksen and Paxton for Near Dark remake?

LanceHenriksen.jpgLance Henriksen has said that both he and Bill Paxton, stars from the original film, have been talking about a prequel to the Near Dark and have said that he would love to appear in the new film which is currently signed to Michael Bay's production company.

According to SciFi Wire:

"It's one of my favorites, Near Dark. If they were smart, what they would do is get a hold of...Bill Paxton, Jenette Goldstein and me, and do something that starts as a prequel to Near Dark. They need to have a conversation with us, because, man, Billy Paxton and I have been talking about this, about what we would do, if we did a prequel. And really great stuff came up. So it would be very wise of them to connect with us."

You can tell that's just hope and speculation on his part, but wouldn't it be good? It does sound as if they genuinely have some ideas.

"We all had so much fun doing Near Dark. We really created a lot of it, right there on the set. So put out a message, man. Tell them we're sitting by the side of the road, waiting for them to drive by, if you know what I mean."

It would be a good move to get some of the original cast on board, much better than just ignoring it and making a new attempt at the film, god knows that's failed enough people before on the remake duties.



Near Dark is my favourite vampire film, it's one of those films that has not really aged ... well it was only made in 1987, once again other than to cash in on the title I can't see any need for this re-make. I've nothing against re-making films that have dated badly or did not do a great job with the source material, but re-makes of this nature seem terrible pointless, just my opinion though and I guess it's always good to see Bill Paxton and Lance Henriksen onscreen.


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