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Hooper announces Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3

TexasChainsawMassacre.jpgIn a recent interview with Tobe Hooper he mentioned as an aside that the Texas Chainsaw Chronicles television series would hopefully continue after Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3 which is currently in development.

Talking with in an interview with Bloody Disgusting found via JoBlo he says:

When asked about the recently announced Texas Chainsaw Chronicles he replied that he will be the executive producer on the TV show and that he hopes it airs after... get this... The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3, which is currently in development.

It was also revealed to Bloody-Disgusting that he is writing a new book about his original ground-breaking Chain Saw with co-writer Kim Henkel. He tells B-D that the book will be "a view from the nucleus." Hooper also hinted that the book might even be adapted in some way or another.

So we're expecting a third, and what part will Hooper play, stand in the background and let his project yet again be turned into a less than it was horror, or could this be more hands on?



Um... there's already a TCM 3, isn't there?

Interestingly, I was reading an interesting piece on Popmatters about Tobe Hooper just before I came here:

There is James, but this is another remake!

Richard, since we are on the topic of "remakes" are there any movies you would like to see remade. I personally would love to see a remake of the "Marathon Man". To this day I always think of that movie on my trips to the dentist!!

Oh Mike! What a star! That's a cracking idea for a feature.

I'm not sure if I like the idea of a Marathon Man remake. I really do love that film.

It's difficult because every film has its own charm and that can so easily be lost in a remake, but then if the remake is done really well it can really take the film and story to a different place.

Let me take that one away and think about it, and then perhaps we can have a feature after Halloween?

Looking forward to it, and maybe someone in Hollywood will take notice and, you never know, some of us will get our wishes!!


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