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Horror films on your mobile

MobilePhone.jpgThere's a series of horror films arriving for your mobile phone called When Evil Calls. Surprisingly the cast is not as small as the screen with Jennifer Lim from Hostel (review), Dominique Pinon from Amélie and Chris Barrie from Lara Croft films and Red Dwarf.

The series, according to Time Out, looks at the story of a strange text message that appears on young people's mobiles and turns their wildest dreams into reality, unfortunately with horrific consequences.

The official site carries a trailer (shown in large size than your mobile phone screen) [QT]. The director of the series spoke a little about how each episode is constructed:

"...Shooting two-minute episodes meant really focussing the writing and intensifying the story. The result is a fast-paced, hilarious and scary romp..."

There will be twenty episodes in all from the series, which is a collaboration between Zone Horror and Pure Grass Films, and they can all be sent to your mobile for viewing. Have a look at the official site for more information. It looks a bit of a blast with some nudity, lot's of horror, a fair bit of humour and...oh my lord...a creature not unlike Pennywise the clown (who is being mentioned quite a bit in the feature Scariest characters of all time).



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