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Houdini filming in Edinburgh

CatherineZetaJones.jpgThe latest magic based film, Death Defying Acts, is a story of Harry Houdini and love. Guy Pearce plays Houdini who falls in love with a mystic who he is trying to debunk.

The story tells the true tale of Houdini's tour of Britain and his meeting in Edinburgh with Mary McGregor, played by Catherine Zeta-Jones, who was a confidence trickster claiming to be able to contact the dead. She hears of his ten thousand dollar reward for anyone who can really contact his dead mother, and she meets him to try and win the prize, but soon they fall in love. Ahhh.

Originally, according to The Scotsman, Zeta-Jones was to arrive in Edinburgh for filming in summer, however the festival crowds were just too much for the filming to handle, and so they moved to London.

However it seems there will be filming this week in an attempt to capture the outside shots required to make that London filming seem like Edinburgh.

So we have a Welsh playing a Scot and an Australian playing a...errmmm...Hungarian. You know I'm torn, actors can act and they should be able to pull off other accents and become other characters, that's the whole point of acting. However since I'm from Scotland and our talent is so hard to find in Hollywood, it would have been good to have seen a Scottish person in that role. Yet how can I complain? The actors are acting, and Zeta-Jones is Welsh.



Edinburgh and London are 2 different places, how on earth can they make it feel like you are seeing Edinburgh if you flmed in London? *sigh*

As for Zeta-Jones, surely she can crack the accent?

At least they did'nt get an American to play a Scot, I can imagine that awful fake accent. Remember Richard Gere pretending to be an Irish terrorist in the "Jackal". That was an awful!

Oh yeah...there have been some stinkers of accents and Gere's has to be quite high on that list.

this sounds aweful. "grabs steering wheel in preparation for a big swerve"

whose there voice coach, connery?

Hey Rich why not write a feature about actors havinfg to resort to fake accents in their performance? Some that are bad, quite good, and very good. Surely there are countless films we can talk about.

The worst accents in a movie...now that is an idea.


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