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Houdini films at Edinburgh Castle

GuyPearce.jpgDeath Defying Acts was already reported as filming in Edinburgh, and last night they shut down the spotlights on Edinburgh Castle in order to film in moonlight and recreate the backdrop of the old city back in 1926.

According to The Scotsman there is more filming planned from Salisbury Crags with much digital rework to remove the modern buildings (including that horrendous Scottish Parliment - couldn't they do that for real?).

The film tells the tale of Houdini's visit to Edinburgh and his meeting, and ultimately falling in love with, a Scottish psychic. Catherine Zeta Jones and Guy Pearce star as the two main characters in the tale.



HAHAHAHA But didnt that very same building won as Best Architecture in Scotland or something? ;P

Ahhhh the Salisbury Crags, I ought to try and walk up to that one day. Oy Rich, maybe you can get to interview either of the actors?

Why cant it be Gerry???

Oh hold your horses Simone!

You have no idea Rich! ;D


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