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Howard for Charley Pride biopic

TerrenceHoward.jpgTerrence Howard and Craig Brewer are joining forces again on a biopic of a hugely influencial country singer where the central focus of the story will be his relationship with wife to be. The star of the film will also sing all the songs. Sound familiar? Well when a formula works why change it? So we are to see the biopic of Charley Pride (Wikipedia).

It reunites the director and actor from Hustle and Flow, and Howard will sing the Pryde songs, according to Variety through Coming Soon. Pryde gathered a massive thirty six number one singles during his career, and that's one hell of a career.

I can't help thinking though that this is just Walk the Line with another star. However, what else could be done? It does boil down to the same story so that's no reason to have a go at it is it?



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