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Indy says old but not out

HarrisonFord.jpgHarrison Ford has said that he's still able to carry off the Indiana Jones role for Indiana Jones 4 and that he's fit for it. He's even stated that he would love Sean Connery to return to the role of Indy's father.

Speaking at the Rome Film Festival through The Associated Press and Coming Soon, he said:

"I feel fit to continue and bring the same physical action...

...He's [Sean Connery] part of the emotional fabric of these films. I think there may be an opportunity, I believe that Sean is still willing and I'd be delighted if he joined us,"

However, reality is reality and Ford bumbled through a poor showing on Firewall (review) and George Lucas has said that they are still writing the script, and he didn't sound positive about it.

Connery even said at the same Rome Film Festival that he hadn't been approached about the film, no surprise if they haven't even got a script they're happy with...even after ten years.

I'm doubtful, and even if they get something going I fear it will turn into a bit of a farce of itself. How do you feel about it all?



I have good feelings. I mean, the actors want to get involved, people want this movie. Only Lucas and Spielberg seem to be tired... or they are holding a big surprise to come.

I find it amusing why some people seemed to, well, bent out of shape concerning Ford playing Indy again.
Is there a law that prohibits actors/actresses from playing a particular role when they reach certain age? Time doesn't stand still for anyone. This also includes fictional characters. Even they get old.
Now that I think about it, I can see why Lucus and Speilberg are taking there time developing this movie. Yes, I do think they will (eventually) get this movie made. Hopefully, it will be in this lifetime.

I think there's just an age for a character on screen, and Indy has been created for a specific age group, it would be a shame to see the fun and enjoyment of these films fade because the character we know and love can't live up to the previous movies.

Imagine making a sequel to Return of the Jedi now with all the characters. It just wouldn't feel the same, have the same chemistry. Mind you with CGI they could make them leap all over the place quite easily.

Hmmmm...I am having mixed feelings now about this project, either way, I will support it!


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