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Infernal Affairs star criticises The Departed

InfernalAffairs_Poster.jpgAndy Lau is one of the main stars of the film Infernal Affairs, the basis for the excellent remake by Martin Scorsese called The Departed (review to follow), and he's spoken about his feelings for the film after seeing an early screening.

He noted that it does contain several quotes from the original film, that it contained too much bad language, went on for too long and then said that the film combined elements from all three Infernal Affairs films, not just the first one which they had paid the rights for.

Oh dear. That doesn't sound too positive and his comments at the end don't sound very complimentary at all. He does however have some praise for it by scoring it the same as the original, and follows that with another negative comment according to Yahoo HK through KFCCinema

"I would rate both versions 8 out of 10. I thing I don’t like the most is how they made Kelly Chen and Sammi Cheng’s characters into one. I don’t think that the two male characters would like one female. But the remake is ok to watch"

Oh dear. However I have to agree, that instant that you realise both characters have fallen for the same character there's a feeling of disappointment and of "oh no, here we go again", but very quickly you're lost in the characters again and it disappears. You'll have to wait for the full review, but it is a corker of a film and a superb remake, just how remakes should be.

As for Lau's comments, I think this goes back to something Scorsese said before the film came out about remaking an Asian film identically...

...you can't. That's taking our film and their culture and mix everything up together...

Remember The Departed competition is still on. Closing on the 15th. After watching the film you'll realise that the T-Shirt is actually in a critical point in the film, not just a marketing tool.



Did Lau expect the whole movie to be literally a remake?? I mean everything the exact same?? Who would watch it then!! A remake I think should follow roughly the original but, with some difference, otherwise is a total waste. Lau may not be used to the swearing as most HK movies, hardly has any swearing what so ever, unlike your typical Scorsese flick. No disrespect to the guy, as he is one of the few decent actors over in HK.
Anyway thats my thoughts for the day....

It ain't a Scorsese movie if you ain't got swearing! And let's be honest, if you're gong to paint a picture of gritty gangsters, you would imagine they would use that kind of language.

I totally agree with you Mike. You cannot do a remake as a frame-for-frame carbon copy of the original. Like I've said before, if I wanted just Infernal Affairs in English, I'd buy the UK release of the DVD and select the English audio track.

I thought the whole love-triangle worked well. I feared at first but it benefits the story. Damn fine movie, I'll comment later on the review! ;o)

PS. As soon as I saw the "Irish" shirt, I thought of Filmstalker.

Right right, if I dont win the shirt but spidey does, I am happy. :D

That's strange Spidey, I did the exact same thing. As soon as the shirt came on I went, Filmstalker!

my memories of 'infernal affairs' is fairly cloudy, but i prefer it. lau is right, or rather i agree theres too much swearing (isnt as necessary to make the film look adult or gritty - theres not much in 'infernal affairs', is there?) and i am happiest reading here that scorsese thinks remakes are illogical in how they try to mix cultures - i think 'the departed' is inspired by 'infernal affairs', in that remakes tend to reference the source material intentionally and obviously instead of using it as a basis. boy, people should learn to read subtitles, and appreciate the sensibilities of other countries' work.

Damn straight logboy, people should visit foreign cinema more often...and that leads me to an idea...

I saw Infernal Affairs a while back. It was good, but I sort of forgot about it immediately afterwards. I'm hearing great things about Scorsese's take, but I can't say I'm going to run out and see it in the theater.

For those who have not seen the original film - Infernal Affairs then you would say this is a great film, maybe the ending was a let down.
I have seen the original and that was a master piece, and this remake just cannot live up to it. They had to change certain parts of the original and that was the mistake - you don't mess about with a classic master piece!
I dont think any of the scenes in The Departed can better Infernal Affairs, i was hoping this would at least live up to the original but i was very disappointed.
A good film overall but Infernal Affairs will forever stay in my mind while this will just sadly fade away.


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