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Irish Werewolf film Mourne

Werewolf.jpgThere's a new film coming out of Ireland called Mourne, and it's all about the legend of a local Werewolf deep in the Mourne mountains in County Down. Casting is currently underway in both the UK and the US.

According to the BBC:

Set in the fictional village of Mourne a group of American paranormal investigators arrive to look into the claims of a panicked farmer that a werewolf has attacked his sheep.

They soon discover that a dark legend lives and split into groups to track the fearsome beastie.

The film seems to have quite an ambitious plot to it with quite complex stunts, CGI and a twisted black comedy script. The writer is also the director and star of the film, Andy Smith and he's had the script idea for about four years now, and he seems to have the right idea about werewolf films as he says:

"With CGI sometimes the transformation is really quick, but it is not meant to be like that, it is meant to be painful - that's the curse"

Nice. You can see the official site already has UK and US casting notices on it, and there is talk of a trailer being shot in the US pretty soon, as for now you can read about the film there and see a very short CGI teaser.

Could we be seeing another UK talent such as Neil Marshall of Dog Soldiers fame in his early days?



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