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Irvine Welsh story filming in Edinburgh

IrvineWelsh.jpgA new Irvine Welsh story is being filmed in Edinburgh this week, and although details are scarse the film is set to star Shauna MacDonald, from The Descent, as a crack smoking former model.

The story, Wedding Belles, tells the tales of four female friends who grew up in Leith (where I lived for quite some time and never took up crack smoking) and MacDonald turns to crack when her fiance dies.

Oh it's a sad tale, and the story from The Scotsman already has one comment from Ian of Leith who proclaims that he's never met anyone who smokes crack. It is said that all films about Scotland either have to be filled with tartan or drugs, and yet neither is true when you walk the streets...well, not in the abundance that is claimed on film. Leith is a lovely place and has some of the best bars and places to eat in Edinburgh, well worth a night out.

That said Welsh himself was born in Leith in 1961, so perhaps he has seen a different side of it to either myself or Ian, and the film will no doubt be a cracker (excuse the unintentional pun) with his writing talent behind it (Welsh, not Ian). Interestingly there are no IMDB details to be found on this project.



Another good reason to come back to Edinburgh! ;)

No one needs an excuse to come to Edinburgh!

Touche Richard. ;D


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