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Jackman produces Blackpool

HughJackman.jpgHugh Jackman will be executive producing a CBS miniseries based on the UK TV series Blackpool, a series which combined musical with thriller...a thrillical? Musiller? Nope, just doesn't work.

From Empire comes the news that the UK TV series Blackpool, which aired in the US as Viva Blackpool, is being recreated as a US miniseries.

...a sleazy developer tries to build a new casino while murder and mayhem happen all around, with pop songs performed by the cast helping to tell the story.

That's the plot, and Jackman has agreed to play a small part in the pilot, will we get a quick song from Wolverine?

Not content with remaking foreign films, and films that have just been released, now they're doing TV shows...is all creative talent in the US drying up? I don't get how this translates well to the US, unless they change everything.



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