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Jackman talks Wolverine spin off

Wolverine.jpgHugh Jackman has announced that the script for Wolverine is complete, and that's incredibly early for an X-Men based film. He also sounds incredibly happy with the way the story has turned out.

Coming Soon carry some quotes from the star:

We're a year away from shooting the film and we have the script...And, by the way, it is unbelievable. It's a David Benioff script. He's probably the hottest writer going around town, and he was beating down our door to write this movie. It was the most amazing thing

He also says that the script will not follow the Japanese storyline that the comic books have looked into before, although he says that this is something they really want to do and smiled when asked if there would be a sequel. He said he wouldn't rule it out, and if this film is a success and he really enjoys playing the character as he has said before, then why not? I know I'd love to see more of Wolverine as his story is perhaps one of the strongest in the original X-Men line up.



And I was so looking forward to the Japanese storyline! CRUMBS.


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