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Jackson is The Cleaner

SamuelLJackson.jpgI got excited when I read the title too, thinking that Samuel L. Jackson was going to be a Cleaner from Pulp Fiction/The Assassin/Nikita/Harvey Keitel fame. However it's close, but slightly different, he's actually going to play a cleaner of crime scenes who carries out a cleaning job that was actually conned into covering up a crime scene.

Through this he becomes involved in deception which affects his own life and his families, pretty soon there are some painful secrets being unearthed from his own past, perhaps ones that explain why his obsession with hygiene led him to this chosen career.

The story from Production Weekly sounds very intriguing, and seems not to entirely focus on the crime aspect, something I think holds a lot of promise for the film. Does it grab you instantly, or would you prefer if it was all about the Keitel type cleaner?



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