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Janssen in Iron Man

FamkeJanssen.jpgThere's a huge rumour just appeared that suggests Famke Janssen is set to play the love interest against Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man. Right up front I have to say I'm not a believer.

According to CanMag they received two seperate emails about Janssen appearing as Tony Stark's love interest, Bethany Cabe. Cabe helps Stark through his alcoholism and begins to guess who he really is.

I'm really not sure that Janssen would be wanting to return to the comic adaptation as yet, although saying that the sign that Downey is on board is a big indication that there's plans for this to be much meatier than comic adaptations to date. There's also the fact that Janssen and Jon Faverau have worked together a number of times before and are friends.

Still, I can't help thinking it's just a rumour. If you were Janssen would you want to return to comics so quickly? After seeing her performance in The Treatment (review) I don't think she should be considering anything but strong dramatic roles.



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