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Jessica Simpson fails Dallas

JessicaSimpson.jpgJessica Simpson has announced that she was very embarassed she didn't get cast in Dallas, and that she tried for two different roles and failed both. For the part of Pamela Ewing she even had a read through with Luke Wilson who is playing Bobby.

According to BreakingNews.ie through Digital Spy:

"I really thought I nailed it and had a chemistry read with Luke Wilson, who was playing Bobby. All of a sudden I get a call: not Pam. Everyone was saying I was going to be in Dallas, and I didn't get the part. I did not get it. How embarrassing is that?"

Well not that embarassing, it is after all part of the job of being in the movies isn't it? Lot's and lot's of rejections? Especially if you're not such a top rated actress. Currently Marcia Gross is rumoured for the part.



Her sister Ashlee is in town, playing Roxie Hart in "Chicago".

One thing that's true for film and theater is that "everything you do, you still audition".


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