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Ken Russell directs Kings X

KenRussell.jpgKen Russell is to direct Robert Carlyle, Kevin Spacey, Ray Winstone and none other than Twiggy aka Leslie Lawson, in a film called Kings X.

The blurb, from Production Weekly, runs like this:

The King of "Kings X" is Colin Manks a sharp, smooth talking up-market low life whose narcissism leads him to record his life on his camera phone for posterity. He falls for Hattie an Essex girl property agent whose crooked boss has her doing dodgey deals she's too naive and self important to question. When they cheat Colin Manks he wants revenge, with interest.

Sounds like a gritty London gangster film which is set to carry some superb talent and Russell's always twisted but fabulous vision. I wonder if this will be filmed all in England? Let's hope so, and let's also hope that the studio don't hold Russell back any.

Russell can also be seen alongside Joe Dante in a horror film that has seven strangers trapped in a haunted house, each of whom must tell their most terrifying story to get out alive.



The cast looks promising already.

I wonder if this will be filmed all in England?

I wonder if it'll be filmed in Russell's garage!

Are you suggesting something about his filmmaking? ;)

No, one of his recent films (Fall of the Louse of Usher) actually was shot in his garage.

Oh wow...I didn't know that. Was it any good? Is it a good location? Perhaps he can claim tax rebates for filming in his own house!


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