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Kennedy's widow praises Bobby

Bobby_Poster.jpgRobert F. Kennedy's widow and one of their daughters have made statements through the Weinstein Company to say that the family are grateful to Emilio Estevez and the cast of Bobby for remembering his life and what he stood for. Interestingly it doesn't say they've seen the film and what they thought of it.

I've heard some negative comments about it from screenings. Some people have said that it concentrates more on the life of a hotel rather than Kennedy and the events of the day, which is great if that's how the film was being marketed and positioned.

We'll have to wait until it starts getting seen for real, but early indications are that this huge cast and huge intentioned film isn't quite living up to what it could be.

You can read the story over at Yahoo News, here's the statement from Ethel Kennedy:

"Our family is grateful to Emilio Estevez and the extraordinary cast of 'Bobby' for remembering Robert Kennedy's life and his commitment to social justice, peace and equality,"

From Kerry Kennedy:

"In the last 38 years, there has been no more important moment to remember his values and vision for our great country and its purpose in our troubled world,"

No one can argue with those sentiments, I just hope that we see a significant message of that in the film, and that these early comments aren't how the final screenings will be taken.

You can see the trailer highlighting the cast through this article.



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