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King's Gerald's Game for film

StephenKing.jpgStephen King's next book adapted to film looks set to be Gerald's Game, and this time he's written the adaptation himself. Craig R. Baxley, who has directed a number of films and miniseries of King's, will direct the film.

Gerald's Game looks at a woman who has accidentally caused her husband to suffer a fatal heart attack during a sex game. Unfortunately she's tied to the bed and can't move and as time passes she begins to hallucinate...

From SciFi Wire Baxley talks about the adaptation and King:

"Obviously, it was written 15 or 16 years ago, and [King has] made it a contemporary piece. What I gravitate to about Stephen is the psychological aspect of the thrillers. I don't gravitate to when the cats explode, and the blood flies and everything else. I think that's what intrigues [Frank] Darabont, too....Stephen is such a wonderful writer when it comes to character. I'm very fond of him, obviously, and we have a very good working relationship. We'll see what happens."

King's adapatations have been hit and miss before, and there are a few that really stand out from the rest. It'll be interesting to see how this goes, particularly as it is going down the route that seems to mark the most successful of his films, the psychological aspect. He certainly is a popular writer for adaptation these days.



"Tied to the bed and cannot move" Wow!! I've only read "IT". But I'm sure going to go and buy "Geralds Game" ASAP!!

Oh man, I hope you didn't *just* pick up on that about the story? Oh...mind you, that's about all I wrote!

Oh man, I just finished the book yesterday, and I was looking up to see if theyve made this into a film, and its good to read about it here.
Good luck!! This one, id like to see.

I didnt like the film version of Needful Things, but I've loved IT, Carrie, Tommy Knockers, Delores Clayborne, Shining, Pet Semetary and some others

This book is seriously, (speaking as a woman at least, I cannot know a male reaction to this) one of my favourite King books. Even when it gets to the most horrible bits (and no, I'll not say more than that ;oD) and my hand is unconciously covering my mouth and my skin is taut in horror, it is totally un-put-downable. If they make this into a film, I just have to hope they finally do a King story justice on the screen, as few have so far been satisfying. Whilst a few have a kitsch charm, most are appallingly badly portrayed.

Oooh, I've just thought of another King I shall have to search to see if it's been/going to be made. Although totally different to his usual tantalizing terrors, Eye of the Dragon is as spellbindingly magnificent a story that evokes tones of "The Princess Bride", amongst others, yet still keeping King's sinister, gory fun throughout.

There's been no talk of Eye of the Dragon at all I'm afraid, and I agree it's a good story and much more focused on a younger audience to King's usual readers without ignoring them.


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