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Kingsley joins Hitchcocks lost film

BenKingsley.jpgBen Kingsley is to join Ewan McGregor, Emily Mortimer and Dan Fogler in Number Thirteen, the film which will fictionalise the never completed and utterly lost Hitchcock film Number 13.

According to Production Weekly, Chase Palmer is set to write and direct, a role he has so far only played on a short film called Neo-Noir.

The plot sounds very complicated, but basically Hitchcock, played by Fogler, ends up in a love triangle with two of the stars of the film, then the lead actor turns up dead. The editor suspects the director, who then sets about trying to uncover the truth, presumably before the editor or the police manage to pin the crime on him.

Complicated, but it sounds like it'll be heavily Hitchock influenced and a very entertaining film. I must admit to not really hearing much about this lost film, and I think a short investigation is called for.



If I still hung around the alt.movies.silent Usenet group, I imagine it would be full to overflowing right now with people screaming about the film's historical inaccuracies before a frame of it has even been exposed. These were people who agonised over Shadow of the Vampire because people watching it would get the wrong impression about what silent filmmaking was really like. Because, you know, people were really going to watch it and think Max Schreck from Nosferatu was a real vampire...

If it has to be a Hitch, it´s good it´s a lost, unfinished one. The plot sounds really clever, as usual.

Yeah James, and to a degree you can understand that attitude sometimes, that belief to be accurate to the original vision of a film and filmmakers. However not here, because there is nothing in existance to compare the film with, the only thing that people could really get upset with is the portrayal of Hitchcock himself.

From the sounds of it this film is going to take a step away from reality though and perhaps they can forgive any move away from the character.

Then again, they might go all out for authenticity.

Yup Peter, not like the remake of The Birds or something!

I saw "House of Sand and Fog" recently, and I was moved by the umbeliavable performance of Kingsley. How great this man is!

Oh that's an incredible film, although I think he is outdone by Jennifer Connelly in that film, she puts in a simply stunning performance. That whole flm is wracked with emotion.


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