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L.A. Confidential sequel underway

GuyPearce.jpgThe sequel to L.A. Confidential, White Jazz, looks as though it is heading to production. Joe Carnahan, the man behind Narc and the stunning looking Smokin' Aces (see the trailer here), is set to direct after he and his brother wrote the adaptation of the novel.

This project has been on and off for some time with various names attached to star and direct in it, but so far there hasn't been a lot of action. Carnahan's comments over at CHUD through Moviehole seems to suggest this might be the one that goes ahead.

“That script is one of my favorites. It’s heartbreaking. It’s, to me, what that book always was – the point of departure from the Eisenhower 50s to the psychedelic freakshow, Manson 60s. It’s a total combination of the two with a heavy, heavy voice-over narration, this kind of classic noir. I love the script, dude. I’m going to get it out there – once it’s done I’m going to get it on the internet so people can read it.”

Oh, I hope he keeps the script to himself quite frankly, and that we all get the chance to see it fresh come release time. I'm surprised the studio would allow that, as the story says he's signed to direct it already.

I think he's a strong choice for the film, and it'll be interesting to see who he gets signed up as talent, Smokin' Aces appears to have a lot of strong names and I don't think he'll struggle for talent, but will we get to see the amazing coupling of talents as we saw with L.A. Confidential? That line up was stunning together and they all worked so perfectly on screen, there was chemistry in every moment.



L.A. Confidential is my 4th all-time favorite film and I am not really keen on seeing a sequel. Curtis Hanson did a wonderful job to his amazing cast. Where else can you see an excellent mix of talent - Spacey, Crowe, Pierce, Basinger, Straithairn, de Vito, Cromwell?

After The Black Dahlia's failure to bring back that old feeling, (way too heavy on visuals and not enough substance) and that's already with de Palma directing I am not quite sure about this Carnahan guy; saying that, I have never seen any of his work so maybe I shouldnt be that skeptical.

Carnahan´s words are strange. Is he talking about a sequel or a remake?

Did James Ellroy write a sequel to the novel? So far, the movie covers all major points of his novel.

You know I don't think that this is a straight sequel to L.A. Confidential, I think it's perhaps a sequel in terms of the time period and style of Ellroy's novels.


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