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Li and Chan film details

JetLi.jpgThere are more details out about the Jet Li and Jackie Chan film which may mark the real end of their martial arts careers that they both keep claiming has just happened.

According to Variety through Coming Soon, the script is about the legend of the Monkey King and his quest to obtain immortality with Li playing the two roles of the Monkey King and a Silent Monk, while Chan will play the Monk T'sa-Ho. The script is written by John Fusco who also wrote Hidalgo.

There's a US$70million budget attached with Robert Minkoff, better known for family films, directing and martial arts expert Yuen Woo-Ping providing the potentially stunning fight sequences.

This promises to be an epic, although Minkoff does raise a few questions for me, I'm totally hooked on the idea of this film because we'll get to see these two modern day masters of martial arts slug it out together. Surely that along is worth the price of the ticket?



I would have preferred something more spectacular, something like Steven Segal and Jean Claude Van Damme against Jackie Chan and Jet li..now that would be kick-ass. In fact that would be the "mother of all kung-fu kick-ass" movies and definetly worth the wait and the price of a ticket.. As ever I am just daydreaming again!!


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