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Luc Besson will direct again

LucBesson.jpgRecently Luc Besson confirmed that as he had said before, after directing ten films (actually eleven) his story was told and he wouldn't be directing again. I found that hard to believe, especially with such a superb eye for visually rich cinema, well now he's backtracking on that slightly and saying he might well do it again.

"I made 10 films and I never would have imagined being able to do that when I was young. It's the end of a cycle, that's certain. If I don't direct any more films, that's fine. I've said what I had to say. But, I am not an idiot. If someone shows me a good script, I'll direct it,"

From Screen Daily through Coming Soon.

Well if he can create a final film such as the beautiful Angel-A (review), then I hardly think he should be calling it quits just yet. No big surprise here, and it's interesting that he's still writing and producing anyway, so if he writes a great script he might direct...ermm...that's business as usual then isn't it?



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