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Lucas sounds doubtful on Indy 4

IndianaJones.jpgReading a quote from George Lucas and hearing about his company's move away from film all sounds rather worrying for the long awaited fourth Indiana Jones film.

Not only has he said that they are getting out of films and going to concentrate on TV, but the following quote from Variety through Coming Soon doesn't sound very promising:

"Steve (Spielberg) and I are still working away, trying to come up with something we're happy with. Hopefully in a short time we will come to an agreement. Or something," Lucas said.

Now if I hear "or something" in conversation, it usually means that the person is starting to have a negative feeling about the topic they are discussing. It does sound very offhand and considering the focus seems to be on giving up films for TV, and the problems in getting agreement and scheduling on a script, I think we should be starting to wonder if this will ever see the light of day.

Joking aside, Harrison Ford's last attempt at action/adventure/thriller, Firewall, was pathetic, and the fact that Sean Connery is in his fifteenth retirement doesn't help either.



i can't be too optimistic at this point either...but the idea of Lucas moving into TV is something quite interesting in and of it'self.

more news to come for this i do hope? : )

Uh-oh, that doesnt sound good at all. The thing is, I find it promising that they are not just going to do it for the sake of doing it, but then again if this takes too long to get off the ground, time is against them. I remain hopeful though.

Well, there´s that promised Star Wars TV series on the horizon.

Considering how much time was needed to bring Superman back to action, I would be optimistic. But in that case, the directors and screenwriters were varying through the time.

Indiana Jones can only be done by Lucas and Sìelberg. Both of them sound discouraged about the project, so what should we think? I bet it´s not gonna happen.

I have to say that its better not having an Indy IV than coming up with something mediocre because of pressure - there are other stories to tell.

It's not going ot happen.

And to be honest, I almost hope it doesn't happen. With this much crap surrounding it, it's very likely that it will just suck anyway and dash all our dreams (Phantom Menace anyone?).

Spielberg's done TV beofore. Didn't he produce Amazing stories, Young Indy and the mini-series Taken on sci-fi channel (in my netflix queue)?

ramble on...

Hey Drewbacca, I loved The Phantom Menace! :D

One of these day, Stevie and Georgie will get tired of playing these mind games and let us know what's going on, or do we REALLY care....not me, not me, not me.


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