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Lucas talks Indiana Jones 4

IndianaJones.jpgThere's more talk from George Lucas on Indiana Jones 4, and it's still not very convincing. Apparently the script still isn't completed. I thought that we'd heard that everyone was happy with it.

According to an interview with MTV through Coming Soon, he and Steven Spielberg are still working on the script!

Steve and I are still working on the script," Lucas said, but he wouldn't confirm rumors that Indy will have some sort of young apprentice family member or otherwise in the flick. "We don't know yet, because we haven't got the script finished yet."

Indy's executive producer did, however, reveal one theme that he's determined to address in the first "Jones" flick since 1989's "The Last Crusade." "Well, he's an old man," Lucas admitted. "That'll be in there."

These filmmakers have all moved on from where they were when the first Indy films were made, they've all gone different directions and their visions are very different from what they were. Could they still work together and make another film? I think we're seeing how hard it is. I frankly wonder if they will ever all agree on a script.



I've got an idea! What if, in the 4th film we see Indiana Jones as being retired from all this archaeology cum swashbuckling stuff and for some reason, he has been consulted on something that means a lot to him (kinda like his father before him - for continuity purposes) and that's how he gets himself involved? Kinda like what Michael Corleone said in The Godfather III, "just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in?"

Now let them worry about writing the script to that, I've already given you my 2 pence, Steven and George! :D

I have another idea: this could be a disinformation campaign, so if the thing is released, everyone will be überexcited.

Because, if they are still in the script, it´s about time to forget the whole thing.

I think I remember hearing from somewhere a long time ago that Ford himself said that if he was a certain age or older, they should just forget it and move on.

maybe Lucas is trying to stretch it out so long that Ford won't WANT to do it and thusly be allowed to cast a younger Indy without hurting his pride? Not plausable, but still it makes a bit more sense than a script that's finished one month and not finished the next...

IMO a new indy wouldn't be a bad move per se ...remember. Obi Wan Kenobi worked out wonderfully in Star Wars as being played by a younger actor. who knows what lucas has up his sleeve?


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