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Mallory Everest film to be made

Everest.jpgGeorge Mallory was perhaps the first man to really scale Everest, well before Sir Edmund Hillary who is popularly credited with the honour, and he is set to receive the film treatment of his life and the attempt.

Mallory died on the slopes of the 8,850 metre high mountain of Everest in 1924 and he is believed to have been making his way down from the top. The reason is that he carried with him a photograph of his wife which he had promised to place on the summit. Where he was found there was no photo in his possessions yet there were many other personal items frozen with him.

The story from Reuters says that the US$7million budget film will look at the three expeditions he carried out to Everest, the first in 1921, then again in 1922, and then finally in 1924. Producer Paul Heller is pulling together the film which will be shot around Tibet. Interestingly the son of Nepali Sherpa Tenzing Norgay who died alongside Hillary, will the the production manager of the film in India.

James McEachen will direct his own screenplay, he has several documentaries to his name and is a climber himself.

This sounds an exciting and uplifting tale and a story which really does deserve to be told. However you can feel the ramifications in the climbing world if they decide to show Mallory as actually having reached the summit.



Histories about human courage are likeable, if they are well done, but Jean Jacques Annaud and Werner Herzog showed us how boring can a tale like this with a wrong treatment.

Imagine if this was done in the same style as Touching the Void? If it was held with the same respect for climbing and the mountains as that film I think we could see something very strong.


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