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Marilyn Manson in Rocky Horror Picture Show remake?!

RockyHorrorPictureShow.jpgMarilyn Manson has allegedly announced that he's been approached by Fox to appear in a remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Although this is still quite unconfirmed it's racing across the Internet, and since I'm such a huge Rocky fan I couldn't let this one go.

According to a scooper over at Bloody Disgusting through Cinema Confidential...

"In a recent interview with E!, shock-rocker Marilyn Manson revealed that 20th Century Fox has approached him to star as the sweet transvestite, Dr. Frank-N-Furter, in an update of the cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show, tentatively titled Rocky Horror."

I can hardly believe that they are contemplating redoing this film. Okay if they were to remake it then they would have to go in a totally different direction and feel to it, quite frankly the camp comedy that works so well in the original is because of the time and the stage show that built it all up. I really can't see that kind of style working now, can you?

It certainly won't appeal to die hard fans either, I can't see them taking a new version under their wing over the orginal and fantastic Tim Curry. I certainly can't, perhaps on stage yes, but there's just no place on my DVD shelf for a remake.



I vaguely remember this film, but I share your sentiments, from the looks of it they will make a mess of one helluva film. It's all wrong.

With some movies being remade,It actuly made me think of the possibility of Rocky Horror being remade,though I really (loved) Tim Curry as Frank&Furter,I was a little curious as to if Marylyn Manson could pull it off,he seems so santanic like,I just don't know if he has all the right dance moves and attitude & that english accent Tim Curry gave to Frank & Furter.
Also I love the origanal, but as I have seen in theaters becasue the first was so old, most of it is eddited and cut out, I been to a theater and parts of the movie was so botched due to age, so maby they are wanting to remake it for the sake of a new film thats not all ate up by the theater movie prejectors.

No!!! I totally agree with you. The original is so perfect, Tim Curry was the best. I used to be a Manson fan in the 90's but ever since the Grotesque Burlesque I haven't been into him. He annoys me now. He should not do this cuz Rocky Horror is one of my favorite movies and I do not want to see Marilyn Manson forever in a film as Frank n Furter. Yikes! He's just going to be gross and not charming at all. Bloody hell, why? I'd like to see some awesome nobody do this part, that would definately make me curious to see it. Or how bout Adrien Brody...hehehe.

That's it Val, you've hit the nail on the head, the character has to be charming too, and Manson certainly can't pull that one off.

Adrien Brody? Now there's a thought...

as much as i love manson, there is no [expletive removed - Richard] way he could even compare to Tim Curry. If they remake Rocky horror I might vomit.

To simone:
Not very much was cut from the movie at all, if you have done any research on it. This film, though campy and little random, has withstood the test of time with Millions of fans. So your argument, redoing it because it's old and bad, seems to be very adolescent and ill-informed.

I can't bear the thought of a remake of the film, let alone with Marylin Manson in it!!! he definitely doesn't have the same charm as Tim Curry. He was truly amazing in it. There is just something about him that makes him completely irresistable. And sure, the tapes are getting worn, but it shows that the film is well loved! And part of the reason why it's so well loved is cos it's so cheaply made and corny! It's dated and therefore timeless. a remake, especially with the rumoured sky and mtv contributions is bound to be really expensive. if they wanna remake rocky horror, they gotta get a bunch of nobodies to do it for under £500,000. the original was done on half that. meatloaf who was already famous made £17,000 from that movie, so not much by todays standards. but if the people at sky movies wanna mess up the best cult film in history, i won't give it the time of day and i doubt many others will either.


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