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Martin Scorsese interview

MartinScorsese.jpgI was definitely unsure when I first heard that they were remaking Infernal Affairs as The Departed, but slowly, bit by bit I've been turned around (no, I don't get influenced by Studio's and advertising, despite the banner - that only gets us the competition prizes for you!). Hearing that Martin Scorsese was helming, then the huge cast, that helped, but it was the trailer that really turned it all around for me.

Now Scorsese has turned it up a notch again with an interview over at CinemaBlend. In it he talks about his feelings of Asian cinema, and suddenly I'm with him.

once I saw John Woo's The Killer, you can't go near that, you can't even begin. As far as my skills as a filmmaker, you can't. That's taking our film and their culture and mix everything up together...

...the Hong Kong cinema of Wong-Kar Wai and Stanley Kwan, all of this is something that you have to appreciate as a filmmaker...

...no matter even if I had a moment where I said to myself, ‘Gee, maybe I can make a film like John Woo,’ the minute I get to design the shot or I get behind the camera with the cinematographer, well, many times I saw my god I've done this shot five times already in two other movies. But that's what I do, that's how it came out

Well that's certainly hit the spot for me. I'm not saying Departed is going to be superb because everyone is saying the right things, but at least you can tell from this interview that he approached it knowning that Asian cinema is Asian cinema, it won't work remaking it because it becomes Western and it no longer works the same way. He also says that he approached the film from the westernised script he was given, not from Infernal Affairs, which I guess is the best way to approach it.

Are you holding out hope for the film? I think we might just be surprised.



I have not seen Infernal Affairs so I really couldnt make a comment coming from that angle, but reading Marty's comments here about accepting his limitations as a director is very refreshing, that's why I have so much respect for the man.

If there is a true movie lover director, it´s Scorsese. So far, this man has the deepest knowledge of world cinema in all its periods I have ever found.

When he finally gets an Academy Best Director, I'll be among the first to celebrate, saying that, he doesnt need awards to prove his skills.

I simply cannot wait to see The Departed. I remember a few months back when a report came out stating Scorsese had never seen Infernal Affairs, and people were blasting him for it. In my opinion it is a brilliant move. Anybody can watch the Hong Kong version (Simone, I implore you to see it!) and then go and make it again in English - but that would just be like selecting the English audio track on the DVD.

Thankfully, that's not what Scorsese is about. He is a master film-maker of the highest order. You can always see from his pictures and interviews that he treats all of his material with the utmost respect, be it original, adapted or remake.

The early reviews of The Departed that I'm reading are excellent. So far on Rotten Tomatoes it stands at 100% from 8 reviews. It's early days, but there is a lot of praise for this project which is very re-assuring given the outrage from some after the announcement of an Infernal Affairs "remake".

Hopefully my expectations are not too high, but I'm expecting to walk out of the theatre on Friday night having just seen another wonderful Martin Scorsese picture.

I found this list (finally!!!) of Scorsese´s guilty pleasures, movies that he really likes.


Most of them are quite rare! (Sorry it´s in spanish, but the titles of the movies are also in English)

He is also releasing a book on his "201 favourite films" soon, alongside Jay Cocks:


The man is a living encyclopedia of cinema.

spidey says, Simone, I implore you to see it!

I will add it to my rental queue spidey, I am afraid i will have to see The Departed first before Infernal Affairs, but thanks for the heads up! ;D

Here in Spain the date of release is October 27th. I guess in UK will be moreless the same. Time enough to do homework :P

Actually Peter, I just checked my local Cineworld and it's showing this Friday!


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