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Matthew Broderick addicted to comedy

MatthewBroderick.jpgMatthew Broderick is set to turn in a very interesting performance as a recovering drug addict and alcoholic TV Producer who is sent to track down his niece who has herself embarked on a binge of drinking, drugs and gambling in Vegas in a film called Finding Amanda.

The film marks the directorial debut of Peter Tolan, writer, director and producer of the TV series Rescue Me. The story from Production Weekly through Empire, goes something like this:

His past is littered with incidents, such as the day he both vomited on stage at the Emmys and lost $150,000 betting on a horse race...his wife...sends him on a mission to find their niece (the titular Amanda) and convince her to enter rehab. Trouble is, Amanda's currently earning her way by working as a stripper… in Las Vegas.

Of course once there he's tempted beyond belief, and that is perhaps where the comedy aspect comes in. Perhaps a touch of Ferris Buller in the real world with real problems and one day of wild behaviour? Oh, now that would be nice.



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