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Murphy's Norbit trailer and Romeo and Juliet project

EddieMurphy.jpgEddie Murphy's career has plumeted from those heady heights of Beverly Hills Cop. Sure Shrek has brought him back on course, and I think Boomerang was a strong film, but he's continually delivered the same films again and again and failed to develop or capitilise on his career breaks. So now we see that he's in another film where he plays multiple characters in body suits and heavy make up, which looks set to try and offend everyone possible.

From CinemaBlend comes the news that he's playing a mild mannered guy who has been brought up by an Asian family and is engaged to a obesely fat woman, who falls for a lovely thin girl. By the way he plays every character listed there barring the think lady he falls for.

You can see the trailer over at CinemaBlend for Norbit, a movie that sounds painfully unfunny and depressingly lacking in any of Murphy's talents. Whatever happened to him, perhaps Dreamgirls can help him regain something.

Amazingly there's a couple of projects on the horizon for him. OneBrett Ratner untitled picture and the amazing thing is the title of his latest, Untitled Eddie Murphy/Romeo and Juliet Project, and it's billed as a comedy romance. Oh dear god.



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