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New Bug trailer online

WilliamFriedkin.jpgThere's a brand new trailer for the William Friedkin film Bug online. Apparently it's extremely creepy and unnerving, particularly if you're not a fan of bugs! Yuk.

Me, I can take bugs quite easily, it's spiders I can't. Anything else is fine. So as long as Friedkin is sticking to his science then spiders shouldn't feature in this at all.

You can see the trailer over at Apple Trailers [QT] through JoBlo.

The film tells the story of a war vet who might well be suffering from some pot traumatic event and is seeing bugs all over the place, locked up in a hotel room with a lonely woman. It's a paranoid and claustraphobic tale starring Harry Connick Jr. and Ashley Judd, an interesting and strong combination.

I'm really keen to see this because Friedkin has a way with a story and the camera, and these two actors could work really well together.



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