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Nightmare on Elm Street prequel?

FreddyKruger.jpgI didn't realise (either) that there was a move to be a Nightmare on Elm Street prequel, and it was first talked about way back in May! Well apparently the director from Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, John McNaughton, was connected with it and then everything went quiet. Now he's been speaking about it again, and it's still on.

According to Fangoria through HorrorMovies.ca:

"...[New Line and I] talked about it, and I'm still waiting to hear back from them," he says. "They approached me because of HENRY, since they want to make a serious film about Freddy Krueger and his early days as a school janitor. Freddy's just a living person at that point, and this would seem more like a real story. It wouldn't be supernatural, and it will recount the days when he used to kidnap young girls—and actually also boys—to rape and murder them."

Sounds interesting, and actually handled properly this is the kind of sequel that might just do the series some justice. At least this ground hasn't been covered before, unlike some other prequels. Is it a film you'd want to see?

McNaughton also goes on to say that the writer he'd like to have tackle this project - who has written a stage play for him - R.J. Tsarov, is also writing a screenplay for a Henry sequel, and McNaughton really does like it. It follows a young woman who starts writing to Henry, who is now in prison for his crimes, then begins visiting him, and then finally falls in love with him.

"...It's very dark and original, and it's not a serial-killer movie, as the first one was. I mean, I didn't want to have Henry roaming the streets and killing more people. Of course, I would like to work with [HENRY star] Michael Rooker again; in fact, we talk all the time and we're still in touch. I want him to read the new HENRY screenplay, and if he's up for it, go and shoot the film."

At least that too sounds like it's following another direction rather than treading over the same ground...again. Is there an appetite for either of these films?



I have a very faint heart, so prolly not for me, but you guys can tell me about it!

John McNaughton appears to admit that his career after Henry has been a failure. And this is the sad result.

I am a little interested in the Henry sequel, though. It could be an original take on the character.


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