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No confirmation on Orlando Bloom's Pirate death

OrlandoBloom.jpgThe previous rumour that Orlando Bloom was set to be killed or written out of the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean film, should it ever happen, has been put down by Disney. They won't actually say that he will be in, but they do say that the rumours are unfounded.

Over at MoviesOnline they received a press release from Disney who say that:

....there have been some rumors going around online regarding potential absence of Orlando Bloom in the future Pirates of the Caribbean films. ....we want you to know that while we cannot comment on specific plot points, such rumors are completely unfounded.

Now if we talk grammar here then they aren't actually denying it, they are saying that the rumours are unfounded because they haven't come from an approved source. So it could still happen, however I doubt it. If they do find that there are enough returns for a fourth film then I would expect we'll see the whole crew back. As I said before, there's a hefty part of the whole plot that comes from the triangle of Jack Sparrow, Elizabeth Swann and Will Turner.



lol.... its tough to read what is being said fo sure but I think its safe to say he wont die in Pirates 3 at least.


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