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Oddworld creators on big screen

LorneLanning.jpgThe creators of the videogame series Oddworld are teaming up with Vanguard Animation to make a computer animated film called Citizen Siege. Lorne Lanning, one of the Oddworld creators, will direct.

According to Variety through Coming Soon, the idea is to produce a film and videogame at the same time and try and capitalise on both releases.

Vanguard will do most of the work on the film at their studios once they've finished the film Space Chimps...yes, it's about two NASA monkeys sent into space...ahem.

Any hope for this film then? A new director previously creator of videogames and a US$40million budget? What do you think?



As much fun as I had playing this game when I was younger I'm not sure how well it'd do as a movie, even animated. I suppose it could be fun, but right now I don't feel very interested.


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