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Oliver Stone directs Afghanistan invasion

OliverStone.jpgInterestingly Oliver Stone has not given up the 9/11 story after his latest film World Trade Center (review), and he's rumoured to be making a film about the Afghanistan liberation and invasion, including the hunt for Osama Bin Laden.

The story from Variety through Coming Soon has Cyrus Nowrasteh as the writer of the second draft of the script Jawbreaker, he has previously written the ABC miniseries The Path to 9/11. The script is based on the memoirs of Gary Bernsten, a CIA agent who coordinated the efforts of the CIA and Special Operations Forces.

Stone and Paramount reportedly bought the rights a while a go but have kept it quiet in order to allow World Trade Center an unhindered release. Frankly I think that was a very good idea, mixing the politics of this story with the human interest of the first would have tarnished what WTC was trying to accomplish.

My concern now is if the patriotic feelings poured into World Trade Center will be portrayed in Jawbreaker in the same way. Hopefully we'll see an unbiased and honest look at the war, however...



I don´t think there can be an unbiaised look at any war. And Oliver Stone in particular, he´s not an specialist in unbiaised looks. As far as it´s brilliant, I don´t care about the ideology behind any movie.


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