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Diane Lane chases online predator

DianeLane.jpgDiane Lane has signed up to play an FBI agent trying to track down an online predator in Untraceable with Gregory Hoblit directing who brought us Hart's War, Fallen, Primal Fear and Frequency.

The story comes from The Hollywood Reporter through Yahoo News. According to IMDB though the cast elavates the idea of this film. It includes Anthony Hopkins, David Strathairn, Xander Berkeley, Ryan Gosling and Rosamund Pike.

Sounds quite interesting, although the same old FBI chases serial killer blurb doesn't give us too much, it's the cast mix that does.



I agree about the cast, I see Anthony Hopkins, David Straithairn and Ryan Gosling! Diane Lane should let go of playing romantic lead roles (Must Love Dogs really sucked to me even if it had Cusack in it) and do more stuff like this, didnt we love her in "Murder at 1600"?


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