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Optimus Prime and Starscream revealed

Autobot_Tease.jpgThey may only be toys, but the images of Optimus Prime and Starscream in their true alien form are on the Internet. It shows how they will look in hi-res, close up detail for the beginning of the new film Transformers.

You can see a quick image after the jump, along with links to the multiple images of the toys in, and out, of their box. This will be the first form we'll see Optimus in...

OptimusPrime_Toy.jpgLooks quite cool doesn't he? I think that's a really strong design, and as Michael Bay said at one point, you have to update them. Would we really like big boxy robots everywhere?

For more images you can head over to Actoys.net, well done to AICN and their scooper Bruticus for the find.

What do you think of the design there? I think those that have the problem seem to be with the final Earth truck design that he adopts on arrival. I'm thinking this looks good, and by the time we see them on the big screen we won't care a jot about the paint job.



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