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Pamela Anderson and Denise Richards together on film

DeniseRichards.jpgYes this seems hard to believe, and I think bucket of salt is required, but according to a celebrity gossip site, Denise Richards and Pamela Anderson are joining forces in a comedy called Blonde and Blonder.

The film is to be directed by Bob Clark who brought us...ermm...I'm searching...ermmm..Porky's!

The news comes from Celebrity News Network, and the word is that the shoot has already begun. There's no word of it on IMDB, however Moviehole carried a story about the film and Anderson some six days ago, although there was no mention of Richards appearance.

Have their careers stooped so low? Well...I'd be surprised with Richards considering she's starring in A West Texas Children's Story with Val Kilmer and Matthew Modine.



I am sure there is a message in this film, let's hear it. ;)

Oh you cheeky woman! Well I don't know what it is until I know what the movie is all about.

However from the sounds of it I bet it's something about not judging a book by its cover.

Don't knock mr. Bob Clark, fine canadian brought us the beginning of the Slasher Genre with BLACK CHRISTMAS (years before Halloween or Friday 13th or Elm St.), gave one of the most iconic Gen X christmas movies (A CHRISTMAS STORY) and one of the early gross-out teen comedies (PORKY'S). He's done a Zombie film too (CHILDREN SHOULDN'T PLAY WITH DEAD THINGS). The man has range...I'm not quite sure what he is going to do with the two Barbies. "Barb Wire: Barbie and Barbier" should be the title.

Oh you cheeky woman! Who, moi?


But you recovered quickly, and then of course you win again, this is not over yet Mr. Brunton! :D

Wow, Denise Richards and Pamela Anderson...can we say destined for failure? The only thing people want to watch Pamela in is her sex tape with Tommy Lee and even that is getting old...


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