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Pamela Anderson and Denise Richards pictured

BlondeandBlonder_Pic.jpgYesterday I had the story that Denise Richards and Pamela Anderson were teaming up together in a film called Blonde and Blonder, and I said to take it with a pinch of salt, well that warning has just been blasted away by pictures of the two of them onset dressed in lovely little pink furry boots.

The little image here is a teaser, and over at Movie List Forums you can see this in it's full size glory and two other pictures of Richards and Anderson separately.

I'm really surprised because although Richards isn't at the peak of the acting ladder, I hardly expected her to appear in something that promises this little. However, we could be incredibly surprised when we start hearing details about the film. One thing is certain, Richards looks much better in the outfit than Anderson.



I am grinning like a fool. ;)


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