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Parker continues comedy run

SarahJessicaParker.jpgSarah Jessica Parker hasn't really had a run of success since ending the show Sex and the City, and recently Failure to Launch lived up to its name. Now she's set to continue the romantic comedy streak with Smart People, starring alongside Thomas Hayden Church, Dennis Quaid and Ellen Page from Hard Candy (review).

Well the news from Variety through Empire doesn't really excite me if I'm being honest, and the blurd sounds contrived and dull.

Rachel Weisz was originally supposed to play the role of a doctor who falls for an academic...whose wife's death has left him bitter.

You might think that Weisz pulling out wasn't a good sign already. Parker hasn't been setting the screen alight and I think she's making some incredibly bad choices for movies. She should step away from the whole romantic comedy genre and stop trying to recreate her Carrie role on the big screen. Go and do some seriously strong dramatic acting that doesn't have anything to do with romance. Leave Carrie behind.

In fact one of her upcoming roles sounds like she's doing just that. Spinning Into Butter has her playing the dean of a college where a hate crime shakes up the school. She battles with her own feelings on race and prejudice while trying to keep the politically correct view of the college going. Now that sounds better for her and something I would be interested in watching.



Don't think sarah j is much of an actress, she gets away with it on the small screen, but to be honest she hasn't really made the step (for me personally) to the larger fella.

Hey Rich, did you get Square Pegs tv show in the mid-80's?

Nope...not up here in Scotland.

i think she's great in comedies... cos her real character is fun and playful..

hmm.. did u guys watch the family stone b4? it's very very diff from carrie's character and i luv the movie alot..

I never saw it, although I did hear some good things about it. I think Pablo gets it spot on, she hasn't managed to make that complete step away yet.

Yeah gal, I thought The Family Stone was quite good too not just because of SJP but also Rachel McAdams and Diane Keaton. Not to mention the guys. ;)

In Square Pegs we're treated to a much younger (of course) SJP and her comic flair is already showing there. Another Parker fave of mine is the straight-to-video (I think!) film Girls Just Wanna Have Fun with a younger Shannon Doherty.


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