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Prestige video and Departed podcast

RayWinstone.jpgThere's a Prestige behind the scenes feature online along with an audiocast* interview with Ray Winstone talking about his role in The Departed. Both are very interesting and for top class films too.

You can hear the audiocast over at Time Out, and the Prestige feature is over at MoviesOnline.

The Prestige feature gives us some nice clips of the film, including some of Scarlett Johansson, and Winstone is just so good there's no need to explain. Enjoy.

* Audiocast is to Podcast as Vacuum is to Hoover. You can listen to audio files on more than an iPod.



I am quite excited to see how this film turns out. The featurette was very well done and the materials the studio has supplied to us make me think we have a good film on our hands.

I am commenting on the asterisk that you put Richard. Obviously not a fan of the iPod? :D


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