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Rambo IV filming news

Rambo.jpgRambo IV: In The Serpents Eye is to start filming in Thailand early next year, and word of the lawsuit filed by the Weinstein's is nowhere to be heard.

According to Charlotte Observer 70-80% of the film will be shot there bringing a large influx of cash into the region. Wanasiri Morakul, director of the Thailand Film Office, talked to Associated Press through the paper and gave them some interesting information on the process:

She said that after a committee read the "Rambo" script, they gave the green light for the shoot in Thailand, but voiced concern that violence in the movie could reflect badly on ethnic minorities on the Thai-Myanmar border.

"Some scenes might be a little bit violent, so we asked them not to make it too violent because if we say that the ethnic minorities are violent, it might be inappropriate," she said. "We did not forbid them - we just asked them to be careful."

She also wanted the filmmakers to assure villagers and environmentalists that any bombing scenes - "in that 'Rambo' style" - would not harm the environment.

It sounds like both sides have been very amiable and positive about the filming there, and if all goes to plan it will be a win for the region as well as for the film itself.

The story will focus on Rambo pulling together a team to help find missionary aid workers who have been disappearing while delivering supplies to minorities in the neighbouring region of Myanmar. A controversial storyline right off the bat and you can see why the local film office are concerned.



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