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Rambo IV in doubt and in court

Rambo.jpgThe rights to the latest Rambo, Rambo IV: In the Serpent's Eye, are currently in doubt, and that means that despite all the talk of Sylvester Stallone making the film, it just may not happen.

According to The Hollywood Reporter throught CinemaBlend, the distribution rights were bought by Nu-Image from the Weinstein's in 2004 and so the process moved forward with Lionsgate being brought in for the distribution. Now Weinstein believe that they have the first refusal on the distribution and have actually filed a lawsuit against this move. That is a bad sign for a film. Usually this means an all stop on the production until it is resolved.

I would imagine that the Weinstein's are filing this because they see the potential in the film and that would mean that neither party want this to drag out and prevent the film from getting made. Well, we would hope anyway. I want it made and I want to see another Rambo, the recent plot news sounded really interesting as well, what about you?



Weinstein believe that they have the first refusal on the distribution

Well it wouldn't be the first time Bob and Harvey have refused to distribute something :)

(Yes, I know that's not what "first refusal" means, but it was hard to resist)

If only they would refuse it though, then they can get on with making the film.


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