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Redford joins Robinson baseball film

RobertRedford.jpgRobert Redford is reported as being signed up to play Brooklyn Dodgers manager Branch Rickey in an as yet untitled film about the baseball legend Jackie Robinson's struggle against racism in America and the baseball circuit in 1947.

According to Production Weekly through Empire, despite earning his place on the Dodgers team he endured death threats, physical and verbal abuse at games, and at one point the threat of the entire opposition team striking rather than playing against him.

It all sounds incredibly far fetched, and yet it's true. The film promises a tough, uncompromising look at the late 1940's, and a great sounding triumph over adversity tale.

Ali co-writers Christopher Wilkinson and Stephen J Rivele are on the script and Thomas Carter from Coach Carter is directing, so expect more of the same from them all.



In one of my Robert Redford video marathons, I managed to squeeze in 'The Natural' but it's so long time ago since I saw it last, around the early 90's I woulf thing, that I need to see it again really.


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