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REEL 2006 - Ireland Scotland Film Festival

ScottishFlag.jpgThere's a new film festival appearing this month called REEL 2006. It intends to celebrate the best of Irish and Scottish young filmmakers from these two very unique cultures.

The festival is to be held in Edinburgh at the Filmhouse Cinema from Saturday 28 October until Thursday 9 November. Highlights include previews of Night People, The Rocket Post, Solid Air and The Flying Scotsman (review). There are some classics too with Into the West, Bloody Sunday and My Left Foot. You can see the full list by heading over to The Filmhouse Cinema site and selecting REEL 2006.

There are also to be a few personal appearances by those filmmakers, allowing you a chance to talk to them and ask them about their films and their experiences.

Not only that but you can get ticket deals too. Three films for £12 or six films for £18

Cliona Manahan, Consul General of Ireland stated:

"We believe it is now timely to focus yet more attention on our lively, bilateral cultural relations and this first REEL 2006 will focus on our vibrant, indigenous film industries. It is vital that we identify, inspire, and nurture the creative and practical energies in Ireland and Scotland, and so encourage young Scottish and Irish filmmakers from all social backgrounds."

Perhaps Scottish Screen should have read that comment before turning down the talents of Mark Stirton.

That aside it looks to be an interesting festival, and there are some strong cinematic treats on the list, it'll be interesting to see what the new filmmakers are bringing.



Hey Rich we have the London Film Festival commencing today, arent you interested? ;D

Yes! Unfortunately I can't get any more time off this year to cover any other festivals.

If only I could write half as good as you. Huhuhuhu...

Well go see some, write them up for the Readers Filmstalker and you might see them appear on the front pages!


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