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Return release moved

TheReturn_Poster.jpgSarah Michelle Gellar's latest psychological horror film The Return looks like it's not so well thought of as the Grudge series as the studio has just moved the release date from November 10th to January 19th in the US.

Whether this really does spell bad news for it is unclear as the UK, German and Australian release dates were all in January anyway with Spain and Netherlands not too far either side. It's also as yet unknown what will happen to these release dates.

The story from AITH doesn't tell us much other than Rogue pictures have made the announcement.

It would be a little surprising if the studio are doing it because they thought the film was week, after seeing the trailer I thought it looked pretty strong.

Any thoughts, or does the scheduling change not really affect you? Are you less likely to go and see a film in January than you are before Xmas? Personally I would have thought the other way around. Too much shopping and partying to be done!



I was so close to watching The Grudge 2 yesterday but not too brave to see it alone. The trailer for The Return does look good though.


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