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Rocky Balboa reviewed

RockyBalboa.jpgThere's a very early review for Rocky Babloa appeared online after a closed screening of the film, and the review has turned out very well. Although bear in mind that the viewer is already a big Rocky fan.

You can read the slight spoiler peppered review at AICN, however if you don't want to risk your eyes on a spoiler, here's the summary from the scooper:

When the training music cues, if you're a movie fan, you'll have no choice but to clap and cheer at the sheer culmination of this moment. A moment that could not exist UNLESS there were 5 other movies preceding it. Same for the incredible match between Rocky and Mason, which is not only great in itself, but also has the weight of 6 movies. Rocky is BETTER because it's a sequel, but it's also a great movie in and of itself....

...The movie is not perfect. There's this scene set to a terrible adult contemporary song in the beginning and then this terrible moment in the bar, both near the beginning of the movie, that are obviously terrible and dripping in cheese. Luckily, other than that, the movie soars. It's my favorite movie of the year.

Sounds as though it has some poor moments, but overall it's a fitting sequel to the Rocky films, and it even reads as though it's one of the strongest films in the series. The rest of us will have to wait, but it could just be worth it. A fitting and strong end to the career of Rocky.



I will not dare miss this one, and not for the nostalgia effect alone. I have always felt for the underdogs.


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