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Saw creators leave franchise

Saw_Poster.jpgThe people behind the Saw series, screenwriter Leigh Whannell, Director Darren Bousman, and the creator of the first film James Wan have all announced that they will not be present for a fourth film in the series, this despite recent rumours that writing teams are already at work on the fourth film.

They spoke to Coming Soon with the story found through the cool /Film:

"I really feel that my chapter in the Saw Universe is concluded," Bousman told CS. "I think that I've told the story that I want to tell. I've dealt with the characters I want to deal with, and I think it's time to move on to new things, new ideas. That's kind of where I'm at right now."

Are you a Saw fan? Seen them all? Dying to see a fourth? Then what do you think of these guys breaking free and will a fourth work without them?



i believe saw 2 had very little to nothing to do with these guy's creativity anyway...i may be wrong, and I haven't checked IMDB to back this up, but I believe saw 2's story was presented to them and they greenlighted it to be a jigsaw film.

the point is, saw 2 was the superior movie in my opinion ( and I am still egging you to watch it. lol )

if I'm wrong i hope someone corrects me with the real story and take on things. but yeah, for my money it's all good.

Leigh Whannell wrote the screenplay for Saw, Saw II and Saw III. James Wan wrote and directed Saw while contributing to Saw III's story. Darren Lynn Bousman wrote Saw II's story, while also directing Saw II and Saw III.

[HUGE SPOILERS follow, but it's a good read if you've seen Saw III - Richard]

I myself am a movie and writer inthesist, with unfourtuneatly a bad spelling and vocabulary, but other than that i do see a very bad comming for SAW UNIVERSE. A couple of things that i have noticed over the years with alterating writer's or directors, that it changes the original dream and style of it's cretors view, so in short we are not going to be seeing a Leigh Whannell, Darren Bousman, and James Wan view of SAW which everyone loves (Because everyone in the world is sick and daek as dog shit- myself included). My main point and argument in this case is that at the end of SAW THREE, we see Jigsaw have flashes of memories of him videotaping a blond women in a park, both of them laughing with joy and happiness, far from the usual sick sadistic laughs we usually hear in the SAW movies, but back to my main point at the end we hear Jigsaw tell the guy who kills him that his daughter is in a trap with a certain amount of time left and he has to solve Jigsaw's puzzles before the time expires or she dies, same old synapsis. but what i do see happening is happening that the puzzles that Jigsaw lays down to solve are actually going to answear are questions about Jigsaws past mostley revolving around the blond we see him smilling with. With this being said, think who knows Jigsaw the best? The original cretors, so no one but them can tell the final act properly, to get anyone else is to let the movie finish with no possible hope of a satisfyingly, sick, beautiful, demented closure that the fans of SAW demand, like come on this could be the best dramatic horror love story ever written.

Mogulus, your a tit and it's people like you who make hard for actually intellgent films to be made, Saw Two was the worst installation in the series it ddidn't have twist it didn't have turns, it was just alot of sensles killing, ohhhhhhhh they all were arrested by that kids father ooooooooooo, wow no one saw that coming and no one saw that the girl who was going through Jigsaws game a second time wasn't involved ooooooo, no one right, sorry for being a dick, i know everyone has their own opinion but come on to saying SAW TWO is your favorite is like saying you dance to Britney spears man. The best and the only seriouly good SAW flick people can watch over and over again with still being aww shucked that the killer was in the room, the shear intellgince behind that movie goes to show that SAW TWO was a complete flop compared to SAW, hell in my opinion SAW THREE was better than the second one but that an opinion, like it's my opinion that people who think that SAW TWO is the best in the series are probably people who are married and have two kids with their sister, and people that i don't care for to much.


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