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Saw III still in production

SawIII.jpgPreviously I wrote about there being no press screenings for Saw III, and this was usually (actually just about always) a very good sign of a very bad movie. However there's a rumour circulating that the reason that there are going to be no screenings is because the film isn't actually finished.

Over at MoviesOnline they have an inside source from the production who claims that the film is still in post-production and the screenings just can't be held because the film is still being worked on. They rightly point out that this could be a good sign.

Of course, it could still be a bad sign, but now the percentages are on their side. If the film is still in post-production then that means they are working on it until the last moment and getting it just right for audiences. There's not such an early warning horn sounding now.

Unfortunately LGF haven't returned MoviesOnline's attempts to contact them as yet, and a confirmation would do them, and the perception of the film, no end of good. We'll wait and see.



I miss wearing the nurses uniform! Much less use a catheter with my patients! LOL


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